10 important mattress shopping tips

Mattress Shopping tips

With hundreds of options available, shopping for mattress can become stressful We have compiled a list of 10 useful tips to make your mattress buying experience stress free and comfortable. 1) Know your mattress size: Measure your current furniture and know your exact dimensions so that you clearly know what size to buy. If you are not sure about the dimensions, check out our “Measuring it right” section which will give you useful tips for measuring / deciding the mattress size. 2) Find out your current mattress: Find out what type of mattress you were currently using, and what problems you faced with it. This will help you decide your new mattress better. If you are not sure about the different mattress types, check out our “Different mattress types” section for details 3) Lie down and try: Pressing the mattress with your hand, or even punching it is not going to help you feel of the mattress. It is best to lie down and decide the mattress type so that you know exactly what you are buying. If you are not comfortable lying down and trying the mattress, you can follow our “Mattress Firmness Chart” in to decide what mattress type would most likely suit you. 4) Cross sections are not the same as beds: Cross-sections are provided by manufacturers to educate the customers about the materials used inside the mattress. They are not designed to demonstrate the comfort of the mattress. Gauging the comfort of the mattress by sitting on these cross-sections is not right and can lead to wrong purchase. 5) Packaging on the mattress: Packed mattresses feel very different from unpacked ones since air doesn’t enter/exit from inside the packaging, do ask the retailer to open the packaging to get an exact idea about the product you are buying. 6) Wear comfortable clothes: Wear clothes you will be comfortable lying down in. 7) Don’t buy based on the mattress name: Most brands in the market today try and lure the customers using terms like “Spine” / “Back” / “Support”. Since back-pain is the main concern for most mattress buyers, consumers might end up buying products not necessarily the most suitable for them. 8) Avoid buying at last minute: It’s best to buy a new mattress with peace on your mind. By delaying your mattress purchase to the last minute you may end up choosing a mattress not the most ideal for you 9) Take care of hidden charges: You might have managed to get the best price on your mattress, but be aware of arbitrary charges which may be added later like “credit card charges”, “delivery charges”, “lifting charges” and “local sales tax” 10) After sales service: Always prefer to buy from authorized dealers to be assured of prompt after-sales service after the purchase of product.

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