Mattress Sizes Chart and Bed Dimensions Guide

Deciding the comfort and feel of your mattress is important, but an often-overlooked aspect is the mattress size. Getting the right size mattress is one of the crucial steps towards the ultimate goal of a good night’s sleep.

When looking for a new mattress, choosing the right size from a wide range size of options can be difficult. With very little difference in dimensions between certain sizes, getting the right fit for yourself can be a daunting task. The size of your bedroom and your budget are key factors in your decision-making process when looking for the ideal bed size.

In this Mattress sizes and Dimensions guide, we will discuss the different mattress sizes available and the recommended room size for each of them to help you choose the most-fitting mattress size.

For most homes though, a Queen size mattress (78 inches by 60 inches) is the most popular option but plenty of people opt to go smaller with Double size mattresses (75 inches by 48 inches) or larger Kings (78 inches by 72 inches).

Most mattress brands offer the following sizes which should be available for readily

Mattress Size Dimensions in inches Dimensions in centimeters
King 78 x 72 inches 198 cms x 183 cms
Queen 78 x 60 inches 198 cms x 152 cms
Double 75 x 48 inches 190 cms x 122 cms
Single 75 x 36 inches 190 cms x 91 cms
Diwan 72 x 30 inches 183 cms x 76 cms


King Size Mattress Dimensions:

78 inches (length) x 72 inches (width) (198 cms x 183 cms) (or) 75 inches x 60 inches (190 cms x 183 cms )

Minimum Recommended room size: 12 feet by 12 feet

The King size is the one of the largest bed sizes available. King size beds can accommodate two sleepers comfortably and sometimes an extra sleeper as well, like parents co-sleeping with their child. This makes it a good choice for families.

There is also a smaller King size available which 75 inches (length) by 72 inches (width). In case the room is smaller you could go for this size too. Any mattress smaller than 75 inches on the length might result in the feet being off the bed.

Important: Also while sellers commonly say King size, always confirm the exact dimensions of your bed since some imported beds follow the metric system and might measure 195 cms by 180 cms which would require a customized mattress.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions:

78 inches x 60 inches (198 cms by 152 cms) (or) 75 inches x 60 inches (190 cms x 152 cms)

Minimum Recommended room size: 10 feet by 10 feet

A queen size mattress is popular for couples who don’t require too much space, or for a single adult preferring extra space to sprawl out while sleeping. The standard queen size is recommended for couples, so it can be a good bed for the master bedroom or guest room, comfortably accommodating extra sleepers in the house for a few nights. This is the most common standard size mattress which conveniently fits into almost any room and can accommodate more than one sleeper.

There is also a smaller queen size available which 75 inches (length) by 60 inches (width). In case of a smaller room, you could go for this size too. Any mattress smaller than 75 inches on the length might result in the feet being off the bed.

Imported Beds commonly use the metric system and are a bit smaller 195 cms by 150 cms. This size should be custom ordered since a standard size (198 cms by 152 cms) would be bigger.

Double Size Bed Dimensions:

75 inches x 48 inches (190 cms by 122 cms)

This size is suitable for individuals requiring a bigger bed than the Single. While two adults might fit in very cramped, an adult and a child would be able to sleep comfortably. The double bed is always a good option for guest rooms which are a bit smaller in size.


Single size Bed Dimensions:

75 inches x 36 inches (190 cms by 91 cms)

This size is suitable for single individuals or teenagers. The size is wide enough to allow enough moving space. You could also buy two single size beds and join them together to place a king size mattress.


Diwan Size Bed Dimensions:

72 inches x 30 inches (182 cms by 75 cms)

This size is commonly used in the living rooms where it doubles up as seating space to accommodate visitors and could be used to sleep on too. While this size is bit cramped for daily use, it is generally used for accommodating guests for temporary use.


Other Mattress Sizes:

Semi King size Mattress Dimensions:

78 inches by 66 inches (198 cms by 168 cms)

This size is a bit bigger than the queen and a bit smaller than the king. It can be used in case the room is not big enough to accommodate a king size mattress. Most manufacturers make this size so you wouldn’t be paying premium for customization.


Custom Sizes:

Most manufacturers will customize to any size you require. Do bear in mind the clearance available in the staircase, hallways and door sizes when ordering a large size mattress.


Mattress Sizes FAQs

What is the Super King size?

Super king is 84 inches long, 6 inches longer than the standard king i.e 84 inches by 72 inces (213 cms by 182 cms). It is suitable for taller people.


Are there any more sizes of mattresses?

Mattresses can be customized to any size you need. Customized sizes would be priced higher and may require longer delivery time.


What is the difference between a twin and a single mattress?

The dimensions; a single mattress is slightly smaller than a twin and best suited for toddlers. A twin size mattress will work with a toddler or a child transitioning out of a crib, but it will also grow with them as they get older. Twin size beds are even suitable for teenagers.


Is a Double mattress big enough for 2 people?

Double bed is 48 inches wide. Two light-built adults might fit in but it would be cramped. If you need more room to spread out or if you move around a lot while you sleep, a Double bed may be too small. If one or both of you are taller or wider than average, a Queen size mattress would be more suitable.


What’s the largest mattress size?

Most manufacturers make maximum mattress sizes 9 feet by 9 feet. Beyond that there would be logistics issues and we recommend splitting the sizes. Also finding bedsheets for really large beds would be difficult.


What’s the most popular mattress size?

The most popular mattress size today is the Queen. It’s large enough for most couples but fits into an average-sized bedroom. It’s also a nice option for single folks who need more surface area than a Double size mattress can provide.



Just as the firmness and type of mattress you choose play a role in your overall comfort, finding the right size mattress is equally important. To optimize your comfort level during your sleep, space is crucial, not just the space of the bed, but also the aesthetics of space in your bedroom. You have to walk the balance between your needs, your room size, and your budget to get the most out of your mattress.

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