Which is Better – Memory Foam or Spring Mattress?

If you have suffered from a bad mattress, you must be shopping in fear about the type of mattress to buy. A wide range of products are available in the market and Memory foam and Spring are among the most popular options. Since the comfort expectation is a very personal subject, finding the right mattress starts with understanding your sleeping preferences and then choosing the right mattress accordingly.


Understanding Sleeping Preferences:

We have shortlisted the important questions to answer to help you understand your sleeping preferences better.

Start with the current mattress:

It’s always a good idea to have some comfort reference when purchasing a new mattress. Since you are already using a mattress, understanding the problems you face with it would help decide better.
    • What type of mattress are you currently using? Spring / Foam / Latex / Coir
    • Is your mattress too soft or too firm?
    • Was your current mattress comfortable when you initially purchased?

Your Personal Needs:

Comfort preference change over time based on multiple factors. What might have been right with your older mattress might not be the same when buying the new mattress

    • Age? Most often as we age we tend to prefer firmer mattresses.
    • Any orthopedic requirement? Back Pain / Shoulder Pain
    • Body type? For Heavier people, firmer mattresses suit better
    • Sleeping Posture? Side / Back / Flat

Once you understand these needs, you should be able to answer these questions which will help you find a suitable mattress

  • What type of mattress comfort is suitable for you
  • Any preferred mattress type


What is Memory foam?

Memory Foam: Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for its space program and is now widely used in mattresses for its unique low resilience.

Memory foam is generally used as the top cushioning material and offers varying comfort levels based on the mattress core used and thickness of memory foam used.

Benefits of Memory Foam over traditional mattresses:

  • Body Contouring: When you settle into the mattress it changes its form to mold itself along the curves of the entire body. So instead of having to adapt your entire body to the hard and also unpleasant form of the mattress, you can sink into it comfortably.
  • Reduces Pressure points: Memory foam does not exert any pressure on our body. This reduces turning and tossing, and the reduced sleep disturbance helps sleep better.
  • Unmatched comfort: Nothing comes close to memory foam in terms of comfort. It gives a very unique sleeping experience

Memory foam mattresses are very popular due to these reasons. If you prefer a softer feel then a memory foam mattress will be preferable compared to traditional mattresses.


What are Spring Mattresses?

Spring mattresses are one of the largest selling mattress types all over the world. Two of the most popular spring mattress types are – Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring. Depending on the padding, insulation, and cushioning used varying comfort level options are available in spring mattresses.

Benefits of Spring Mattresses:

  • Thickness: Traditional mattresses become too heavy to handle in higher thicknesses. Spring mattresses are relatively lighter and become the default choice in higher thicknesses like 12 inches and above.
  • Comfort: Spring Mattresses consist of smaller springs that mold to the body shape better. This makes them relatively softer and more comfortable
  • Durability: Made from steel, spring mattresses tend to be very durable with very little loss of comfort.

Spring Mattresses are generally recommended when one is looking for a soft mattress option.


Final Verdict:

Both the mattress types have their pros and cons. With varying comfort options available in both Memory foam as well as Spring, one can find a suitable mattress in either of the mattress types. The mattress feel differs in both these options and we recommend you try them both out before deciding