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Duroflex Soft-O-Plus – 8 inches


  • Core: Pocketed spring
  • Cushioning: Soft foam
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 10 years



About Duroflex

Duroflex is one of the oldest brands in the mattress industry in India. Over their 50 years of operations, they have grown 8 factories strong, and have become synonymous with quality in the mattress industry. They are the largest exporter of mattresses in the country and their products meet strict international standards of customers in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan and Korea. Their core product strength is in the “Rubberized coir” segment, though recently they have added products in other mattress types as Innerspring, Memory Foam and Latex Foam.

Duroflex Soft-o-plus – 6 inches

Duroflex Soft-o-plus uses soft foam cushioning on top of pocketed springs which makes the mattress more softer to sleep on. It offers a more plusher finish using softer convoluted foam. 3-zone pocketed spring are used which offer better support for the back and even out the additional wear and tear caused due to weight zoning of the body.


icon pocketed spring mattress Core: Pocketed Spring
icon firm top mattress Finish: Firm Top

Cross Section

Duroflex Soft-o-plus - 6 inches - mattress - india - cross section

Detailed Features:

  • Zero-disturbance pocketed springs: Duroflex Soft-o-plus uses pocketed spring system for mattress core. This ensures very minimal disturbance is transferred to the partner who may be sleeping alongside.
  • 3-zone spring system: Duroflex Soft-o-plus uses a 3-zone design which has higher tensile springs in the middle of the mattress. This one-third middle area being a bit more firmer supports the spine better and helps increase the useful life of the mattress significantly.
  • Soft Convoluted foam cushioning: Duroflex Soft-o-plus uses convoluted pu foam for cushioning. This provides a soft cushioning to the mattress as well as insulates the springs so that the user doesnt experience any protrusion from the springs.
  • Premium Knitted Upholstery: Knitted upholstery is softer and moulds to the body better. It enhances the visual appeal of the mattress


icon medium comfort mattress Provides medium comfort.
icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
icon side sleeper mattress Good for side sleepers.
icon 5 year warranty mattress Durable product – 5 years warranty.

Additional information



Model Name

Soft – O – Plus



10 years

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