» » » Peps Restonic Ardene Eurotop (ET) – 8 inches

Peps Restonic Ardene Eurotop (ET) – 8 inches


  • Core: Pocketed Spring design
  • Cushioning: Soft Convoluted PU Foam
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Edge support system
  • Warranty: 8 years




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About PEPS

Established in 2007, PEPS Restonic has in a short span of time earned the name in the industry as a specialist Spring Mattress Brand. Their tie-up with Restonic, an american mattress industry leader since 1938, has helped them bring Restonic patented spring mattress technologies to India. PEPS has a wide range of mattresses that have been designed after a thorough understanding of India’s sleep preferences.

PEPS Ardene ET – 8 inches

PEPS Restonic Ardene Euro Top (or ET) is a premium pocketed spring mattress from PEPS Industries. It is an upgrade version to the PEPS Restonic Ardene mattress. While the PEPS Restonic Ardene uses minimum foam for cushioning, the Ardene ET mattress uses thicker convulated foam. With additional cushioning, users dont feel the movement of the springs below.

Cross Section

PEPS Restonic Ardene ET - 8 inches - India - cross section

Detailed Features:

  • Zero-disturbance pocketed springs: PEPS Restonic Ardene ET uses pocketed spring system for mattress core. Each and every spring is wrapped in its own fabric cover and does not affect the movement of other springs. This ensures very minimal disturbance while sleeping.
  • Euro-top: The Euro Top (ET) version uses additional convoluted foam for padding. This ensures thats users do not feel the movement of the springs while using the mattress. This cushioning helps side sleepers since while sleeping their complete body weight rests on their shoulders and hips. The additional cushioning allows these heavier parts sink in comfortably thereby distributing the weight across the whole body.
  • Preferred Spring technology: Among the multiple types of spring mattress technologies, pocketed spring type is the most preferred type in luxury mattresses. They do not suffer from the common complaints of Bonnell Spring like rolling over, partner disturbance or creaky springs
  • Marvellous Middle: PEPS Restonic Ardene ET uses a 3-zone design which has higher tensile mesh in the middle of the mattress. This one-third middle area being a bit more firmer supports the spine better and helps increase the useful life of the mattress significantly.
  • Edge – support (BEST-IN-CLASS): Edge support “M” springs are used along the perimeter of the mattress ensuring the sides don’t sag with the weight of the body when sat upon.
  • Premium Insulation: The type of insulation used in the spring mattress, makes all the difference in the durability and comfort in the mattress. The insulating material keeps the springs in place and ensure that the springs do not protrude, while at the same allowing enough flexibility to the springs to conform to the body shape. PEPS Restonic Ardene uses PP mesh and cotton felt for insulation which is considered the industry best.
  • Premium Knitted Fabric: 250 GSM premium knitted upholstery is used in the mattress.


icon plush comfort mattressProvides plush comfort.
icon back sleep mattressGood for back sleepers
icon stomach sleep mattressGood for stomach sleepers
icon side sleep mattressGood for side sleepers
icon no turn design mattressZero Maintenance – No turn design
icon 8 years warrantyLong Durability – 8 years warranty

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Restonic Ardene eurotop (ET)



8 years

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