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Peps Springkoil – 6 inches


  • Core: Bonnell Spring
  • Cushioning: PU Foam Foam
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Warranty: 4 years




Get gifts worth Rs.4600 with every Double Mattress: 2 nos Peps Neckguard (Contour) pillows worth Rs.2300 each. Total = Rs.4600

Get gifts worth Rs.2300 with every Single Mattress: 1 nos Peps Neckguard (Contour) pillow worth Rs.2300. Total = Rs.2300

Note: Only Queen size and above considered as double mattress.

About PEPS

Established in 2007, PEPS Restonic has in a short span of time earned the name in the industry as a specialist Spring Mattress Brand. Their tie-up with Restonic, an american mattress industry leader since 1938, has helped them bring Restonic patented spring mattress technologies to India. PEPS has a wide range of mattresses that have been designed after a thorough understanding of India’s sleep preferences.

PEPS Spineguard – Spring – 6 inches

PEPS Spineguard – Spring is a premium back-support mattress. It uses Bonnell spring system for firm back support and memory foam for comfort. The advantage in Bonnell Spring system over Rubberized coir is that Bonnell spring has better ability to conform to the back better since the springs compress / decompress and maintain correct back posture. Further due to better design spring mattresses long laster than other varieties.


icon memory foam mattress Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
icon Bonnell spring mattress Core: Bonnell Spring
icon firm top mattress Finish: Firm Top

Cross Section

PEPS Spineguard - Spring - 6 inches - mattress - india - cross section

Detailed Features:

  • Bonnell Spring system: PEPS Spineguard – Spring uses bonnell spring system as mattress core. In the bonnell spring design, multiple hourglass shaped springs are connected using helical springs to form an interconnected spring unit.
  • Memory Foam: PEPS Spineguard Foam uses 1 inch Memory foam which maintains correct back posture and helps reduce pressure points.
  • Edge support wire: PEPS Spineguard – Spring uses border wire across the perimetre of the mattress. This is further reinforced with M-springs all across the border wire. This type of edge support system ensures that even when sitting on the edges of the mattress, the spring unit support is supportive.
  • Premium Insulation: PEPS Spineguard – Spring uses premium insulation like cotton felt and polypropylene mesh which ensures that the springs stay in place and do not protrude from the mattress, while at the same time allowing the springs enough movement to adapt to the body contours and support the back
  • Orthopedic Design: PEPS Spineguard – Spring has been designed to support the back completely making it an ideal mattress for people suffering back-pain.


icon medium firm comfort mattress Provides medium firm comfort.
icon side sleeper mattress Good for side sleepers.
icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
icon orthopedic mattress Recommended by Orthopedic doctors
icon 6 year warranty mattress Built to last – 6 years warranty.

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