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Springair Majestic Comfort – 6 inches


  • Core: HR Foam
  • Cushioning: PU foam quilting
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty: 5 years



About Springair

Springair is a premium mattress brand headquartered in US, with presence in 32 countries worldwide. Founded in 1926, Springair has been the frontrunner in innovation and develops newer enhanced products regularly. They have entered the Indian market since 2009 and have strived to become the industry leader in premium mattresses. Being an international brand with global presence they have brought their world-class practices to their Indian factories, and created a name for themselves in the highly competitive Indian mattress industry.

Springair Majestic Comfort – 6 inches

Springair Majestic Comfort is the flagship model from Springair. Its uses 6 inch natural latex core topped with premium memory foam. The latex foam provides the perfect comfort and back support, while the memory foam eliminates pressure points and minimizes disturbances during sleep.


icon natural latex mattress Core: Natural Latex
icon memory foam mattress Comfort Layer: Memory Foam
icon firm top mattress Finish: Firm Top

Cross Section

Springair Majestic Comfort - 6 inches - mattress - india - cross section

Detailed Features:

  • Imported Latex Core: (BEST-IN-CLASS): Spring Air Majestic Comfort uses 7-zone latex manufactured by Latex Co, Belgium. This is designed for ideal weight distribution on the mattress. The heavier zone of the body i.e the hip portion rests on pin-core latex, while the ligter portion rests on the multi-core zone. This ensures uniform comfort across the mattress.
  • Premium Memory foam: Spring air sources the memory foam from their centralized manufacturing facility based in UAE. This ensures standardization of products the world over. The memory foam used in the mattress eliminates pressure points while sleeping and improves sleep quality.
  • Premium Knitted Upholstery: Knitted upholstery is softer and moulds to the body better. The premium upholstery allows the body to mould to the mattress better and gives an overall premium finish to the mattress.
  • Long Durability: Springair Majestic comfort does not have any moving parts which means the mattress does not get damaged or break in any way. Further with the extended durability of Latex foam, customer can expect the mattress to last for years.


icon medium firm comfort mattress Provides ultra plush comfort.
icon side sleeper mattress Good for side sleepers.
icon back sleep mattress Good for back sleepers
icon stomach sleep mattress Good for stomach sleepers
icon 10 year warranty mattress Long life – 10 years warranty.

Additional information



Model Name

Majectic Comfort



10 years

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