Duroflex NRG40 Mattress

Thickness (inches): 8 inches
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Brand Overview

  • Industry Veterans: 50 years experience in the Indian mattress industry has helped Duroflex develop products most suited to the Indian consumers
  • Wide range: Duroflex manufactures a wide range of mattress types including - Rubberized coir, Natural Latex, Innerspring, Foam

Product Features

Anti Stress Fabric: This fabric is infused with carbon particles that absorb negative ions resulting in a more soothing and refreshing sleep.
Heat Absorption Technology: Special coating on top foam layer absorbs body heat for a cool sweat-free and deeply beneficial sleep.
3 Zone NRG Layer: This is a special CNC cut foam layer with ventilation grooves. This helps wick away the body heat and keeps the mattress well ventilated and cool
QUBE Cell Technology: Special channels are CNC cut in HR foam core to improve resilience and increase airflow. 
Memory foam top: Memory foam on top allows the mattress to conform to the body and reduces pressure points
Zero Partner Disturbance: Special CNC foam design stops motion from travelling across the mattress, letting your partner sleep undisturbed.

Additional Information:

Brand Duroflex
Product name NRG40
Thickness 8 inches10 inches
Firmness Medium (Plush)
Mattress Core Foam (HR foam)
Comfort Layer NRG 3 Zone Layer + Memory foam
Fabric Knitted fabric
Finish type Normal Top
Warranty 10 years

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