Duroflex Strength Mattress | Rubberized Coir + Memory Foam | Thickness – 7 inches | 7 Years Warranty


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Duroflex Strength Mattress: Strength in Support and Comfort

Welcome to the Duroflex Strength Mattress, designed to offer the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Durable Core: Rubberized Coir and Bonded Foam

The core of the Duroflex Strength Mattress features a mix of rubberized coir and bonded foam. This combination ensures lasting durability and a firm base for supportive sleep.

5 Zone Orthopedic Comfort Layer: Personalized Support

A 5 zone orthopedic comfort layer makes the Strength Mattress adaptable to your unique body shape. By providing differential support to various body zones, this feature contributes to a sleep experience that’s both comfortable and healthful.

Premium Knitted Fabric Cover: Soft and Luxurious

The Strength Mattress is encased in a premium knitted fabric cover quilted with memory foam. The result is a soft and luxurious touch that enhances the overall sleep experience.

Medium Firm Comfort and Thickness Options

Offering a medium firm comfort level and a thickness of 6 inches, the Duroflex Strength Mattress caters to a range of sleep preferences and needs.

Duroflex Warranty: Sleep with Confidence

With a 7-year warranty, the Duroflex Strength Mattress is a promise of quality sleep for years to come.

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