Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress | Bonnell Spring + HR Foam | Thickness – 6 inches | 6 Years Warranty


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Experience Unmatched Comfort with Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress

Indulge in unparalleled comfort and support with the Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress. Designed to deliver a restful sleep experience, this 6-inch thick mattress combines exceptional craftsmanship with innovative features, ensuring a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Elevate Your Sleep with Peps Brand

As a trusted and renowned brand in the sleep industry, Peps is committed to delivering high-quality mattresses that prioritize comfort and durability. The Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress reflects the brand’s dedication to providing exceptional sleep solutions.

Bonnell Spring Core for Optimal Support

The Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress is equipped with a Bonnell spring core that offers optimal support and stability. This traditional spring system provides a reliable foundation, ensuring proper weight distribution and optimal spinal alignment for a comfortable sleep experience.

Convoluted Egg Crate Foam Comfort Layer

Experience enhanced comfort and pressure relief with the convoluted egg crate foam comfort layer of the Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress. This specialized foam layer is designed to contour to your body, reducing pressure points and promoting a more soothing and relaxing sleep environment.

Edge Support System for Enhanced Stability

The mattress is equipped with an edge support system that enhances stability and prevents sagging along the edges. This feature expands the usable sleep surface and provides reinforced support, ensuring you can enjoy every inch of the mattress with confidence.

One-Sided Eurotop Finish for Added Plushness

Experience the ultimate in plushness and comfort with the one-sided eurotop finish of the Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress. The eurotop design adds an extra layer of cushioning, providing a sumptuous sleep surface that cradles your body and enhances your overall sleep experience.

Medium Firm Firmness Level for Optimal Support

The Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress is designed with a medium firm firmness level, striking the perfect balance between comfort and support. It offers the ideal level of support to ensure proper spinal alignment while providing a comfortable sleep surface that helps alleviate pressure points.

6 Inches of Optimal Thickness

With a thickness of 6 inches, the Peps Sanibel Eurotop Mattress offers optimal comfort and support. The thoughtfully designed multi-layer construction ensures a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep environment that promotes deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Universal Mattress: Your Trusted Sleep Partner

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